Race To End Homelessness, 20-31 July

In the last few months, we’ve seen society come together to help thousands of people find temporary homes and proven ending homelessness is possible in the short term.

The end of homelessness feels within reach, but only if we work together to make it happen. 

Unless we do something now and enact long term as well as short term solutions, this progress will slip and risks being undone.

Play your part and let’s work together to ensure there’s a home for all from now on.

Sign up to The Race To End Homelessness. 

Join solo or buddy up to run or walk a distance of your choice between the 20-31 July.

Run on one day - or - every day. 5K - or- 50K. The race is yours. Do it your way!

Raise your game and compete solo, or against others, in our weekly prize-led challenges.

Every step or stride you take in your race, every action or donation - no matter the size - is important and will make a difference.

Have a read of the event FAQs.

Under 18s wishing to take part: a parent or guardian should register on their behalf where possible. 

Keeping safe 

We know that everyone has different abilities, so make sure you’re setting achievable targets and keeping safe throughout the event. Here are some tips to ensure that your race is safe:

  • Wear appropriate shoes or kit for your challenge, including hi-vis clothing or accessories for any activities taking place at night or on roads.
  • Always take routes that are well-lit and known to you and let a friend or family member know when and where you are going.
  • Under 16s should be supervised by an adult when participating in The Race To End Homelessness.
  • Warm up properly before your activity and don’t push yourself TOO hard! If you feel unwell or injure yourself, please seek medical advice before continuing your activity.
  • Please follow government guidance about social distancing when participating in the event 

Already signed up? 

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