Play the Crisis Summer Raffle

“Everything has changed. Everything.”

When William split up with his long-term girlfriend, he returned to his home town, the town he knows best. When he arrived he had nothing: no home, no job and few possessions.

Determined to help himself, William found a job working in a hospital – but finding a home was impossible. He’d sleep anywhere – on sofas, in toilets, even on floors at work. “I’d find myself walking around the city until the sun comes up and go back to work again. I felt afraid to sleep.”

So William turned to Crisis for help, and everything changed.

Crisis helped William find an affordable home, and provided the deposit to enable him to move in. “Now I’m a person. I can stand up and be counted. And it took a roof over my head to stand up.”


Play the Crisis Summer Raffle today to help more people like William, and help end homelessness for good.

Play the Crisis Summer Raffle

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