Play the Crisis Spring Raffle

Everyone should have a safe and stable place to call home. Play the Crisis Spring Raffle and you could win an amazing cash prize of up to £7,500 and you’ll be playing your part in ending homelessness in Britain once and for all.


With your help, Crisis can provide people with the skills training, access to qualifications, help with employment and expert housing support that can help them transform their lives.

“If it weren’t for Crisis I wouldn’t have anything.”

“I was on the streets of Swansea for seven months, I’d wake up absolutely drenched, and then have to walk around in wet clothes for hours and hours.”

Adel’s brother took his own life when she was 29, and she struggled to cope: “That’s when I hit the bottle.” One day, she was admitted to hospital, seriously ill. She stopped drinking, and started working with Crisis.

Crisis teams gave Adel someone to talk to, and practical help getting a flat. “That gave me a major buzz, knowing I can go home and shut the door. Just sit and breathe.”

Now, she volunteers at Crisis drop-in sessions and arts clubs. She wants to do a Crisis training course so she can mentor other people facing homelessness.

“There’s a lot going on for me now. It’s amazing. If it weren’t for Crisis I wouldn’t have anything.”

Play the Crisis Spring Raffle today and help someone like Adel leave homelessness behind.

Help end homelessness with every ticket


could provide a warm welcome and help someone take their first step out of homelessness


could help someone regain a sense of self-worth through healthcare and counselling


could help someone to be trained in practical, employable skills like bike maintenance and sewing

Last year, proceeds from our Spring and Summer raffles were £336,881.80 which will help Crisis to achieve its goal to end homelessness.