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Last week Crisis attended Conservative Party Conference to meet with MPs to help ensure that ending homelessness remains high on the political agenda. Many predicted that the conference would be dominated by Brexit and leadership tussles, and whilst there's no doubt these loomed large, we were also pleased to see homelessness and housing feature heavily.

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This week’s announcement that national government might “allow” subsidy to be spent providing social rented homes in England – with the potential to deliver 5,000 social rent homes a year - is a step in the right direction to tackle the chronic shortage of housing available to homeless people.

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There was a distinct note of determination in the air as we all took our seats for the inaugural...

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The last few months have seen Housing First break through into the homelessness and political agenda in the UK. Crisis has enthusiastically promoted the potential contribution it can make because the evidence base for the outcomes it achieves is compelling.

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Last week Crisis was at Labour Party conference to meet with MPs and Lords to ensure that homelessness remains high in the political agenda, particularly ahead of the forthcoming budget. We also held a joint fringe event with Labour List on what the Party can do both nationally and locally to end rough sleeping. All MPs noted how they had seen people sleeping rough in Brighton – unsurprising given that the number of people sleeping on the streets has gone up by 100% since 2015.

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To mark Crisis 50th Anniversary we are continuing with our drive to build momentum and support in...

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Temporary accommodation is an important first step in helping homeless people find a safe and secure home. But in parts of Scotland some people are being placed in unsuitable accommodation, such as unsupported hostels, lodging houses or B&Bs for months at a time without access to basic facilities such as a washing machine or cooking facilities.

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This year, homelessness has finally returned to the political agenda, and with 160,000 households...

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Kate Nightingale, Head of Marketing and Communications shares why we reached out for a new Storyteller to gather stigma-shattering stories to end homelessness.

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On Tuesday, 19 July I was at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to give a speech about my experiences of being on the streets, coming out of prison with nowhere to go and supporting other people facing homelessness. The event was the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness (APPGEH) Report 2017.

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