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Crisis responds to new statistics on affordable housing in England

22.11.2018 833 XX

New government statistics show that 47,335 affordable homes were added to England's existing supply in 2017/18, a slight rise on the previous year. Within this category, only 6,463 additional social homes were provided - a small increase on the post-war low of 5,900 in the previous year but still far below the levels needed.

Jon Sparkes, chief executive of Crisis, said:

“These statistics show that the number of social homes being built is still a far cry from what our country needs. Thousands of people across England are trying to move on from homelessness but they simply have no way of finding a home – and the country’s urgent shortage of social homes is a key reason for this dire situation.

“While the number built this year is a slight improvement on last year’s post-war low, it still falls hopelessly below what is required. Our research shows that in England we need to build 90,000 social homes every year for the next 15 years to meet demand amongst both people who are homeless and those on low incomes, many of whom are at risk of homelessness.

“The Government's recent decision to start re-investing in social housing are welcome, but they don’t go nearly far enough. In order to meet demand and solve homelessness, the government must significantly boost investment to deliver more homes social housing that homeless people can access. There are too many people waiting for somewhere to call home.”