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Tom Say @yaSmoT Senior Campaigns Officer

This isn’t a comic strip; it’s an illustration of the true cost of homelessness

The illustration below tells the story of 20-year-old Kelly, who becomes homeless from an overcrowded family home and tries to get help from her local council. It highlights two very different paths her life could take depending on whether or not she is able to get the help she needs. Here’s why we made it.

Kelly’s story, based on Crisis’ own research ‘At What Cost?’, reflects the situation of so many others, including people that we see on a daily basis at our own Skylight centres.

The report, which we previously blogged about, uses evidence from 165 interviews with homeless people to create four “vignettes” on the devastating experience of homelessness.

It clearly demonstrates how tackling homelessness at an early point is not only good for the individual but could also save the government between £3,000 and £18,000 for every person helped.

The findings provide powerful and credible evidence to support Crisis’ No One Turned Away campaign, which calls for a review of the help single homeless people in England get under the law.

That’s why we commissioned illustrators Chloe and Owen Roach to tell Kelly’s story in a more human way.

The result speaks for itself. Once you’ve read it, I hope you’ll be moved to help spread the word on the injustice single homeless people face by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and asking your MP to support No One Turned Away.


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