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Tom Say @yaSmoT Senior Campaigns Officer

Banning letting agent fees is good news for renters but here’s what’s needed to unlock private renting for homeless people.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s announcement that letting agent fees are to be banned in England is great news for renters (assuming costs aren’t passed on to tenants via landlords of course). Here’s what he should do next to unlock private renting for single homeless people. Locked out of renting Private renting has its pitfalls but with… Read more

Colum Eastwood @columeastwood Colum Eastwood is the leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party and is Member of the Legislative Assembly for Foyle.

Guest blog: Joint action needed to tackle homelessness in Northern Ireland

The findings of the Crisis Homeless Monitor Northern Ireland are a damning indictment of our approach to homelessness. With over 11,000 households classified as statutorily homeless in Northern Ireland (including around 3,400 mostly older people because their accommodation was deemed ‘not reasonable’) not to mention the tens of thousands of concealed homeless – we should… Read more

Helena Brice @hel_b Public Affairs Officer

The Second Reading of the Homelessness Reduction Bill: What’s all the fuss about?

You may have noticed over the past couple of months that we here at Crisis have been getting increasingly excited about the ‘Second Reading’ of the Homelessness Reduction Bill on 28 October but you may not know why. It involves some rather arcane parliamentary processes, but could have a huge impact on homelessness in England…. Read more