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Bex Pritchard @bex_pritchard Director of Operations at Crisis

The future of supported housing hangs in the balance

The long anticipated announcement on the future arrangements for funding supported housing was made last week (15 September). Whilst Crisis isn’t a provider of supported housing we work with, and rely upon, partners across England, Scotland and Wales who do. They provide vital accommodation for our clients, who would otherwise be left on the streets… Read more

Alice Ashworth @ashworthalice Senior Policy Officer

Will the Homelessness Reduction Bill reduce homelessness?

Bob Blackman MP’s Homelessness Reduction Bill– currently being scrutinised by a cross-party committee of MPs– presents a historic opportunity to bring about the most significant change in tackling homelessness in England in forty years. But what’s in the bill exactly and will it do what it says on the tin? In a nutshell, the bill… Read more

Parliamentary inquiry into homelessness: lessons from the United States

Last week’s long awaited report from the Communities and Local Government Committee makes a number pertinent observations, including a call for a new Government strategy. Against a background of rising homelessness in most parts of England, the time is right to consider where we go from here and to look elsewhere for inspiration. There is… Read more