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Parliamentary inquiry into homelessness: lessons from the United States

Last week’s long awaited report from the Communities and Local Government Committee makes a number pertinent observations, including a call for a new Government strategy. Against a background of rising homelessness in most parts of England, the time is right to consider where we go from here and to look elsewhere for inspiration. There is… Read more

Tom Say @yaSmoT Senior Campaigns Officer

Could the new minister’s working group help secure more support for homeless people and longer tenancies?

New housing minister Gavin Barwell invited Crisis to be on a working group for affordability and security for private renters. It’s an opportunity to push for more support for homeless people and to improve renting for all tenants. Private renting can have its pitfalls but it’s often the only option for homeless people. That’s why our… Read more

Our advice for the new government

After a strange few weeks in politics, all of us at Crisis are pleased to have a new government in place so we can get on with the job of working to end homelessness. We need to see work right across government to prevent and tackle homelessness, but here are our initial thoughts on what… Read more