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Helena Brice @hel_b Public Affairs Officer

The Second Reading of the Homelessness Reduction Bill: What’s all the fuss about?

You may have noticed over the past couple of months that we here at Crisis have been getting increasingly excited about the ‘Second Reading’ of the Homelessness Reduction Bill on 28 October but you may not know why. It involves some rather arcane parliamentary processes, but could have a huge impact on homelessness in England…. Read more

Bob Blackman MP @bobblackmanmp Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Government backs the Homelessness Reduction Bill, but we’re not over the finishing line yet

Today marks a huge step forward for my Private Member’s Bill – due to be debated this Friday 28 October – with the government announcing its support for the bill. The Homelessness Reduction Bill offers a very real opportunity to offer meaningful support to people shut out of the current system and to place a… Read more

Bex Pritchard @bex_pritchard Director of Operations at Crisis

The future of supported housing hangs in the balance

The long anticipated announcement on the future arrangements for funding supported housing was made last week (15 September). Whilst Crisis isn’t a provider of supported housing we work with, and rely upon, partners across England, Scotland and Wales who do. They provide vital accommodation for our clients, who would otherwise be left on the streets… Read more